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State-certified specialist in endocrinology and internal medicine

ul. Słowackiego 17 apt. 3
60-822 Poznań, Poland
tel. (+48)61 611 50 35

Prof. Maciej Owecki
is an endocrine care clinician and practitioner, and also a Teacher of Medicine at the University of Medicine in Poznań, Poland. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and in Endocrinology and Metabolism. Prof. Owecki received his MD degree from the Poznań University of Medicine (1997), and subsequently his PhD in the field of Endocrinology and Metabolism (2002).He became an Associate Professor of Medicine in 2009, and then a full title Professor of Medicine in 2013. His residency training in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology was at the Department of Endocrinology at the Poznań University of Medical Sciences. He completed a fellowship in Endocrinology at Chiristian Alberts University, Kiel, Germany (2004). He has been a university teacher for Polish and English-speaking students, and he is active in clinical research.

Prof. Owecki has a special interest in the evaluation and management of thyroid and parathyroid disease, including thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer, and thyroid ultrasonography. In-office ultrasound examination of the thyroid is a valuable tool for the evaluation of thyroid nodules, and is used to guide fine-needle aspiration biopsy of nodules, enhancing the accuracy of this test for the detection of thyroid cancer. At his office, Prof. Owecki uses the newest Hitachi Avius ultrasound machine.

In addition, Prof. Owecki has a special interest in the evaluation and management of hormone-related menstrual abnormalities, endocrine hypertension, osteoporosis, and disorders of the pituitary and adrenal glands.

The abstracts of scientific articles published by Prof. Owecki are available at the U.S. National Library of Medicine

At his office, Prof. Owecki offers a fluent English communication.

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